Party Advantage!

Real Talk

I'm not a real hard-core gamer. I have played a couple games of D&D and enjoyed myself nearly everytime....Other then the times my brother-in-law and I had some pissing contest here and there.

That said.

I loved this. Each person plays their charactor perfectly. Xavier is by far the funniest charactor. She is either going to die saving people in a sad way or die proving she was right to everyone... IF she does, which I hope doesn't happen, it will be a sad day.

The Night brothers are fantastic also, if anything happens to either one of them I'll stop listening. DONT DIE GUYS!!!!

Roch and Saraphina are the ones watching from the backgroud and throw gasoline on the flame during a disagreement, simply perfect.

Good job guys! I love the show and can't wait for more episodes.

Oct. 12, 2018 by YoungJediDad on Apple Podcasts

Party Advantage!