June 22, 2022

A Conspiracy of Ravens, Part 1: Arrival at Morte Keep

Welcome to the very first of the Legends of Arias special and our 100th episode! In the year of 552, a thousand years before the Ram Pack began their journey, the Band of Ravens learned of Lich… Sarees Morte and her creation of a powerful arcane device that if fully unleashed upon the world could bring ruin to the people of Arias. Led  by a powerful Archmage, Valtinus Adlim, these men and women journeyed to the Lich’s keep with the intent to stop her before it was too late.

Join Lothlaris, Vakurr Darksword, Alavira Farrows, Nettle Fizzpark, Delmar Alvingham, Irene Crowly, Cerebus Blackwood, and their young knight companion, Bedivere Rysfire, in their quest to take on the Lich and her minions...

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Additional music featured with the use of Soncraft, music platform

Audio, & Music by Cassie Derby Audio Editing by Kyle Voisine