Party Advantage is a Dungeons & Dragons, 5th edition play podcast, set in the homebrew world of Arias. DM Cassie takes her players on a journery throughout the kingdoms and lands of Arias. Join Toguro, Mannie, Garus, and Roisin along with their friends as they find themselves in all kinds of shenanigans and harrowing adventures!

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About the Hosts


Host, DM

Cassie, aka "LadyCrit" has been playing Dungeons & Dragon's for 10+ years alongside her husband Adam. Along with gaming, she also enjoys the collaboration and storytelling that goes with being a DM. When she not setting her players on an adventure, she enjoys cooking, drawing, and lots of other creative outlets!


Cast: Mannie Popple

Kyle has played dnd since college! He also enjoys content creating, and editing! He just love having a good time, making people laugh, and keeping the fun going!!


Cast: Garus Valcon

Ryan started playing D&D in 2018 and ever since then he was hooked. In his free time however if he is not playing D&D he's either playing video games, watching anime, or doing something nerdy.