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I love this podcast!!! good story, and charaters are super funny, and have some good backgrounds as well!! the season just keep getting better, and with new sponsors, and givaways monthly why not love this crew! Go ram pack!!

Wonderful Cast!

The characters on both stories are fleshed out well, the two simultaneous campaigns keeps things fresh every week, and they have a great chemistry. Between the creepy of the Far Winds and the silly yet nearly deadly of the Arias adventures, they both tell a great story.

Great Podcast!

Two stories that make you want more. The characters are very personalized, and cast takes it seriously. Looking forward for more!!!!

A Great Podcast!

Party Advantage takes place in two well developed stories and worlds. Both DMs have really put some thought into their settings and the cast has a great time exploring those worlds. They have a great community around them as well and you couldn't ask for some nicer people. Their interactions are a …

A very fun show!

This show is great! It gets better as the episodes go along as well!

I love this

Not only is the podcast great but they have their own discord that they hang out in with fans of the show. Its really cool to be able to ask questions about the show and have them answered immediately. Either adventure you pick is great, but I have to agree with JediDad about Xavier. Check these wo…

Real Talk

I'm not a real hard-core gamer. I have played a couple games of D&D and enjoyed myself nearly everytime....Other then the times my brother-in-law and I had some pissing contest here and there. That said. I loved this. Each person plays their charactor perfectly. Xavier is by far the funniest ch…


Getting 2 episodes each featuring 2 campaigns at the same time is fantastic!

Love it

Just listened to the first episode love it can’t wait for the second game on Thursday!