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Welcome to Party Advantage, a brand new D&D play podcast! Join us this week, as Rob sits down with Cassie, DM of our Arias campaign. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the world building and inspiration that went into creating an entire original world and a...

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Welcome to Party Advantage, a brand new D&D play podcast! Join us this week, as Cassie sits down with the cast of her campaign, Arias Adventurers, featuring Adam, Rob, Kyle, and Rich! These guys definitely have already gotten into hiliarious hijinks, cre...

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July 11, 2018

The History of Arias

Welcome to Party Advantage D&D play podcast! In this bonus episode special, DM Cassie Derby takes listeners on a journey throughout the history of the world of Io, the lands of Arias, and the different people who call it home.
Visit our website to read p...

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Welcome to Party Advantage D&D play podcast! In this first episode of the Arias Campaign, our four heros have just arrived in the Gnome city of Fizzpark in search of help from crime lords. Lokeros gets his buddy Toguro a treat, Mannie begins finding the ...

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Welcome to Party Advantage D&D play podcast! The Arias Gang have settle in at the Gear Head Tavern, planing their next move with the help of Blitz Lockriddle. Mannie & Lokeros talk to some fancy elves, while Roads has a cat moment and loses track of Togu...

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Welcome to Party Advantage D&D play podcast! Three members of the Arias Gang wake to find they are missing their fourth member. As the three decide to make plans and preparations for their upcoming job, Toguro has his heart set on a group activity that's...

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About the Hosts


Host, DM

Cassie, aka "LadyCrit" has been playing Dungeons & Dragon's for 10+ years alongside her husband Adam. Along with gaming, she also enjoys the collaboration and storytelling that goes with being a DM. When she not setting her players on an adventure, she enjoys cooking, drawing, and lots of other creative outlets!


Cast: Mannie Popple

Kyle has played dnd since college! He also enjoys content creating, and editing! He just love having a good time, making people laugh, and keeping the fun going!!


Cast: Garus Valcon

Ryan started playing D&D in 2018 and ever since then he was hooked. In his free time however if he is not playing D&D he's either playing video games, watching anime, or doing something nerdy.