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Nov. 23, 2022

The Arias Adventures, Chapter 23: Final Preparations

The Ram Pack make the final plans before returning to Kern Boldar and the Wizard Fitzwick. The only thing left before leaving the Citadel, is to learn what they can of the Feywild and ensure Raziel will be able to have help …
Nov. 9, 2022

The Arias Adventures, Chapter 22: Shopping & Planning

With everyone all reunited and back in Vivandi, the Ram Pack gather supplies and make final plans before returning to Kern Boldar to venture into the Feywild. The only person missing from the group is their dragon friend in …
Oct. 26, 2022

The Arias Adventures, Chapter 21: Return to Fizzpark

The Ram Pack are reunited with their friends in Vivandi and now set out to gather old allies in Fizzpark! We travel to the Gear Head Tavern and the Clockwork Palace to find Blitz Lockriddle & Kattvizz Mechablast....
Oct. 14, 2022

The Arias Adventures, Chapter 20: Goodbye General

After learning all they could from Veil Guardian Odette, the Ram Pack now are on a race against time. With knowledge of where to begin their search for allies and the revelation of Roisin's brother, Lugh, being alive, the pa…

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Show Return & New Store!

Greetings Adventurers!It has been a lil bit of a hiatus for the podcast… Holidays, surgery, illness, and work has taken a front seat to life. However, everyone is doing well and the gang and I are excited to get back into the game! The s…

Episode Delay!

Hey Folks! Episode 100 is taking just a bit longer to edit! Who knew putting together an over 2-hour special would take so much work?! The gang & I are hard at work editing, so sit tight for just a couple more days! We promise, this is an exciti…

Audience Participation!

Greetings Folks! We have something special planned for an upcoming Ram Pack episode and I want to invite you, the awesome community, the chance to be apart of it! What would you say or ask a member of the party or the the whole group if you met them…

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Adam D. Profile Photo

Adam D.

Cast: Toguro Krogblast/Foxtrot

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Kyle V.

Cast: Mannie Popple/Yang

Kyle has played dnd since college! He also enjoys content creating, and editing! He just love having a good time, making people laugh, and keeping the fun going!!

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Ryan V.

Cast: Garus Valcon/Yin

Ryan started playing D&D in 2018 and ever since then he was hooked. In his free time however if he is not playing D&D he's either playing video games, watching anime, or doing something nerdy.

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Becky F.

Cast: Roisin/Bite

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Cassie D.

Host & Dungeon Master (DM)

Cassie, aka "LadyCrit" has been playing Dungeons & Dragon's for 10+ years alongside her husband Adam. Along with gaming, she also enjoys the collaboration and storytelling that goes with being a DM. When she not setting her players on an adventure, she enjoys cooking, drawing, and lots of other creative outlets!