Feb. 18, 2021

More D&D Fun! Welcome to 5e Fight Club!

More D&D Fun! Welcome to 5e Fight Club!

Awakened in a world not your own; A town of heroes and gods under the everlasting shade of a dark tower; A promise of reaching your ultimate potential. You may have been an adventurer, but you are now a fighter for the lords, trapped forever inside our realm until you heed our call.

Welcome to 5e Fight Club
The 5e Fight Club is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition play-by-post game based on a unique player-versus-player advancement system with a casual roleplay aspect heavily inspired by the sandbox style of a West Marches campaign. 

Our philosophy is to create an environment where mechanics and storytelling can meet halfway through combat and roleplay. All inside a unique world to experience filled with stories and myth. So if you had a character that died too soon before their story could be told, or a concept you couldn't figure out where to play, this is the place for you. We may not be a traditional game, but together we can make this experience like no other.

Make your build. Create your character. Become your own legend in Evershade.

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